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Discovery and Block Builder DX are released... what's next?

November 23rd, 2017
Hi all, Discovery and Block Builder DX (that's how it is called in Japan) are released now. We're quite satisfied with the release and are already working on the first update that focuses on improving the VR experience by adding a lot of settings to… more »

Discovery is coming to PlayStation®4 and Playstation®VR.

November 2nd, 2017
Discovery is coming to PlayStation®4 and Playstation®VR.
We're proud to announce that Discovery will be released on PS4 in the US on November, the 7th. It will be available as a PlayStation Store title for $11.99. One of the key differences of the PS4 release is that we have implemented full support for PS… more »

Block Builder (aka. Discovery) Wii U releasing in Japan today

August 31st, 2016
We're proud to announce that Block Builder (Discovery) is released in Japan for Wii U by our publisher Rainy Frog, today. It has been a long intensive time of work to bring that version out. We hope you enjoy creating new worlds with that release! more »

Discovery for Wii U releasing today in Europe, Australia and ...

February 11th, 2016
all other Nintendo of Europe concerning countries! It will be available in the eShop in the coming hours. more »

More reviews!

January 23rd, 2016
Sean Foster from Inside Gaming Online has written a nice review about Discovery. John Rairdin from 8-Worlds News And last but not least WiiWareWave… more »

Another Discovery Wii U review

January 10th, 2016
Check it out here Thanks to Familiy Friendly Gaming for taking the time! more »

First review on

January 7th, 2016
The first real review of Discovery for Wii U is online Check it out at Objective and well written! Many thanks to Mitch Vogel and the whole Nintendo Life team! more »

Facebook page

January 6th, 2016
We have created a Facebook page in order to announce news and get feedback in a more convenient way. Feel free to leave a like! more »

Discovery will be released for Nintendo Wii U

January 5th, 2016
Discovery will be released for Nintendo Wii U
We're so amazed to report, that ... Discovery will be released for Nintendo Wii U on January, the 7th in the NA eShop for 6,99$. This is by far amount the biggest leap in development of the game. We have reworked the whole engine in order to smooth out… more »

New Platform

November 11th, 2015
New Platform
Will announce new platform soon. more »

New Server

Juni 26th, 2015
Moving to new server, to split up services. mehr »

Discovery 2.0 on PS Vita!

Juni 17th, 2015
Discovery 2.0 on PS Vita!
Wow! That was a close one! Discovery 2.0 has been approved for PS Vita and is now available for 5 weeks only on the Playstation Mobile channel in the store. Browse it with your Vita here: mehr »

Discovery 2.0 on OUYA

Juni 4th, 2015
I'm very proud to report that Discovery 2.0 passed review on the new platform OUYA! Get it here:   mehr »

New platforms

Mai 31st, 2015
New platforms
I have submitted Discovery to a new Platform and hopefully gets accepted. For this platform I had to completly rewrite the whole engine. So Discovery's version jumped to 2.0. This means:  - More smooth gameplay through multi-thread usage  - a lot of bug… mehr »

Long long time ago...

März 2nd, 2015
since last update. I'll try to post more often. mehr »

Discovery on sale!

Mai 12th, 2014
Discovery is currently on sale for Windows platforms, get it for the half of normal price! mehr »

Discovery - iOS

Mai 6th, 2014
The iOS version has just been submitted to Apple for review. mehr »

Disappearing worlds after update

Mai 6th, 2014
Hi, as many of you may have noticed, your worlds are missing after updateing from 1.6. to 1.7. There's a small bug in there. The worlds should reappear after restart of the app. mehr »

Discovery - Android and Amazon

April 29th, 2014 has been submitted for Amazon and Android. Should be available instantly for Google Play users and in a few days for Amazon Kindle users. mehr »

Discovery available for Mac OSX (10.6.6 or greater)

April 5th, 2014
Good news for all Mac users. Discovery is now available in the Mac Asppstore. It is the newest version You'll find it by clicking on the badge below mehr »