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Dezember 22nd, 2013
The update to brings all platforms to feature parity except of the cloud backup/sharing system which is still Windows Phone 7/8 exclusive Added Features: -4 different animals (only in FULL/TRIAL version not in LITE version). More will fol… mehr »

Discovery for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch released

Juli 26th, 2013
Discovery is now available on Apple's App Store! This version already contains the new control method. You'll need at least a device that has iOS 5.0 installed, so any updated 3GS, iPad 1 and iPod touch 3G should do it. You can support Discovery by te… mehr »

New Discovery/Discovery+ Trailer

April 22nd, 2013
Since the old trailer has been out there for nearly one year, I have decided to put together a new trailer featuring 2 worlds from Pablo and Iain to show of what can be done with the current version of Discovery. There are a lot of interesting worlds in… mehr »

100000+ downloads, 1.4 fix

Dezember 26th, 2012
Hi everyone, I'm proud to announce that my apps on Windows Phone and Auroris on iOS, together, have passed the 100000' downloads mark. Thanks to everyone for the great support and using my apps. Furthermore I just wanted to inform you that I'm working… mehr »

Discovery 1.4 - part 3

November 19th, 2012
Ok. 5 Tasks on the ToDo list left! mehr »

New game "Discovery" released for WP7

April 8th, 2012
After around 5 months in development, we're proud to announce that our new game "Discovery" has been released for Windows Phone 7. "Discovery" is a 3D block world game with focus on creation of buildings and atmosphere. Currently it is COMPLETLY FREE!… mehr »

New App "MadPix" for WP7 has just been submitted for certification

Oktober 13th, 2011
Hopefully it passes certification before the weekend. mehr »

Windows Phone 7 now supports 32bit color

September 30th, 2011
Good news for everyone having Aurora on WP7. WP7 now supports 32bit rendering and thus we can finally finish the next version of Aurora supporting the glow feature. Stay tuned! mehr »

Aurora - future updates

Juni 24th, 2011
Update1: (06/28/11) Full and Lite version 1.3 are available at the Marketplace. Update1: (06/27/11) The Full version has passed certification and will be available in a few hours. The Full and Lite version updates that contain the new high-resolution… mehr »

Release Aurora Lite

Juni 21st, 2011
Last Saturday, we have released the lite version of Aurora. Aurora Lite is fully functional except of saving being restricted. This restriction will be removed with the next update such that you'll be able to save your images in 640x360 which is a… mehr »

More Colors and next features

Juni 17th, 2011
More Colors and next features
The first real update to Aurora enables the user to choose between 24 colors instead of the initial 3. Furthermore we added a new help screen that is shown each time the application starts. The next update will bring "high-quality, high-resolution… mehr »

Aurora available at the Marketplace

Juni 17th, 2011
Aurora is finally available at the Windows Phone Marketplace. To get an impression about the work-flow, you can watch the following video.   Aurora is available as Trial version without restriction (except that saved images will have watermark). If… mehr »