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Kommentar von: JT

Love this app and if you ask me points straight to the future of electronic art… Will you please enable animating and flowing or fluidity including fading of the “painting"/graphics. Not a programmer but I hear there are lots of ways to do this, that is stretcht the image…Most of all…enable video capture or at least storing of animations!!! Great stuff here. Thanks!

14.02.13 @ 02:13
Kommentar von:

Hi JT,

thanks for your feedback! At the moment updates to “Aurora” are on hold since I urgently have to bring “Discovery” forward.

I will get back to “Aurora” later this year and will merge your requests with those of others.


16.02.13 @ 10:39
Kommentar von: Tommy  

Do you think you will be able to get mobs on discovery and flowing water???

06.06.13 @ 17:14