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New Discovery/Discovery+ Trailer

April 22nd, 2013

Since the old trailer has been out there for nearly one year, I have decided to put together a new trailer featuring 2 worlds from Pablo and Iain to show of what can be done with the current version of Discovery. There are a lot of interesting worlds in the world sharing system... damn, I have to provide a place where people can show and explain their creations in more detail. But for now, please enjoy the new trailer!

Trailer for Discovery

April 11th, 2012
here's a video featuring some gameplay of "Discovery"

get it here

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Aurora available at the Marketplace

Juni 17th, 2011

Aurora is finally available at the Windows Phone Marketplace. To get an impression about the work-flow, you can watch the following video.

Aurora is available as Trial version without restriction (except that saved images will have watermark). If you want to get rid of the watermarks you can buy it for $0.99. See links below.

Aurora on Zune Marketplace

Aurora in Marketplace Browser (for people without Zune)