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Kommentar von: bin  

This is a good game, nearly minecraft, with good graphics but you should add the gravity, when you remove a block under the water, it won’t fall that’s really weird.
But anyway it’s a good game.
Thanks for your time.

15.03.13 @ 15:28
Kommentar von: ao

i can’t get it to download from windows store.how can i change this? thanks for help:)

16.03.13 @ 19:41
Kommentar von: Ibn Uthman
Ibn Uthman

Love the GAME. Just needs pre-built cities with civilians in them. My person is feeling lonely. But don’t change the gravity. I can me floating blocks!

19.03.13 @ 00:10
Kommentar von: dousi96

are you planning a “survival” mode update for discovery+ on Windows 8/rt device ?

26.04.13 @ 22:38
Kommentar von:

SURVIVAL mode (for all platforms) is definately a point on the roadmap. In general the game will get a lot of features in the next few month. But for now I concentrate around making it the perfect creative experience.

27.04.13 @ 11:26