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Kommentar von: BlinkRules

Awesome. Nice feature adding flat lands and animals would be great! Some of the first could be pigs, cows, bulls, chickens, sheep and even rideable horses with the additions of gates and stuff! Some other changes is to customize the size of all the things on the screen like the area where the blocks are and the stat menu. In my opinion, all the things take to much of the screen so customizing the size or turning them on and off like the stats would be great. Also increasing how far you can dig. Only going towards 1 meter isn’t that great. Maybe to -100 or so? Great game and love the music. So relaxing and enjoyable. Overall cannot wait for the update. I will tell my friends to buy this game. I’m excited for multiplayer! Hopefully that’ll come in this update or next one

07.08.13 @ 03:40
Kommentar von:

Hi thx for the nice words and feedback! Everything you mentioned will be implemented until the end of the year (except for riding, but depends on time budget).

08.08.13 @ 17:38
Kommentar von: cristian

hello which is the soundtrack of the game

10.08.13 @ 19:29
Kommentar von: Jason

Still haven’t found the edge of the maps. LOL

I quite frequently, and accidentally, hit the ‘home’ button when playing. Is there some way to add a game exit confirmation to make sure a player wants to leave? Quite annoying to slip out of the game when I get on a really good building roll.

29.08.13 @ 10:53
Kommentar von: Ritsema

Kan dit ook in het Nederlands.?

29.08.13 @ 11:24
Kommentar von: Phil

Hi Christian,

you can listen to the soundtrack here:


29.08.13 @ 20:16
Kommentar von: Stfn Dnn
Stfn Dnn

I like it. now I do not have to TNT my way to the bottom all the time. Did you say multi player. When and how do your updates work.

30.08.13 @ 02:01