Release Aurora Lite

Juni 21st, 2011

Last Saturday, we have released the lite version of Aurora. Aurora Lite is fully functional except of saving being restricted. This restriction will be removed with the next update such that you'll be able to save your images in 640x360 which is a little lower than the original 800x480 available in the full.

For compensation the full version of Aurora will get the high-resolution update which will allow to save images in 1600x960 instead of the default 800x480.

The update will be submitted for certification tomorrow.

More Colors and next features

Juni 17th, 2011
More Colors and next features

The first real update to Aurora enables the user to choose between 24 colors instead of the initial 3. Furthermore we added a new help screen that is shown each time the application starts.

The next update will bring "high-quality, high-resolution rendering" which should dramatically enhance quality of saved images.

Unfortunately the "glow" update has to be delayed until Windows Phone 7  gets the "Mango" update which hopefully brings 32 bit rendering instead of the current 16 bit one. Although the "glow" feature is already implemented, we're not satisfied with the results on real devices. There is a small teaser image attached that has been rendered with the desktop version of Aurora (which supports 32bit).

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Aurora available at the Marketplace

Juni 17th, 2011

Aurora is finally available at the Windows Phone Marketplace. To get an impression about the work-flow, you can watch the following video.

Aurora is available as Trial version without restriction (except that saved images will have watermark). If you want to get rid of the watermarks you can buy it for $0.99. See links below.

Aurora on Zune Marketplace

Aurora in Marketplace Browser (for people without Zune)